I like to run. Running's my favorite 😂

“Run, yoga, eat, sleep, repeat. Pretty much sums up my life for the last 10 years.”

If there is a crazy running event someone doesn't want to do alone, pretty much there is no arm twisting involved to get me to say yes. Run for 24°? Sure! Run 100 miles all at once? Why not! If it sounds crazy to you, I have probably been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it!

I found yoga about 10 years ago when I realized I was no longer a spring chicken and needed help to stay injury free while running crazy amounts. My first class was torturous to say the least since I felt (and probably looked) like the tin man. Slowly class by class I improved and still use a daily practice to not feel like that tin man. I will never be a Bendy Barbie, but I enjoy pushing myself and improving one millimeter at a time. I love to help others who suffer from Tin Man Syndrome to get to their own version of Bendy Barbie. It's more important to be flexible in your mind than your body, because limb flexibility will come with practice, you just need to get started. See you on your mat!