Elizabeth (aka Lil’ Bits) is a 200 hour certified Yoga Instructor and FLO Cycle Emcee. She grew up in Chandler, AZ and has always been passionate about fitness and keeping her body and mind in tip top shape. She loves having fun and we guarantee you’ll have a laugh once or twice in her classes. Elizabeth is drawn to fitness bloggers, entrepreneurs, and instructors.

“People are amazing, and their every day achievements amaze me and motivate me to do better, be better, live better.”

What is she passionate about? GOAL CRUSHING! She loves being able to constantly challenge herself in ways that lead to self improvement.

Secretly a trivia boss, Elizabeth knows plenty of random facts and she loves learning new ones.

“Did you know that otters hold hands while they sleep? It prevents them from losing their families while they eat and rest. They even use sea plants to secure the bond.”

See what we mean?