New to the practice of yoga? No problem! Lisa loves to help remove the intimidation of yoga by focusing on proper alignment and offering modifications for all body types. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned yogi, Lisa’s class will help you better understand the postures so you can feel confident in your practice.

"People say yoga is for every body but unfortunately most people don't know how to modify poses to feel comfortable in their own body. My goal is to help students better understand the physical practice of yoga so they can stop wondering 'Am I doing this right?' and tap into the deeper benefits."

Lisa completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. Since completing her 200-HR certification, Lisa has collaborated with experts in yoga, massage, chiropractic and physical therapy to expand her knowledge base. Her classes focus on building core strength, increasing flexibility and helping you understand modifications for your body so you can avoid injury and get the most out of your practice.