Michelle R


Michelle loves tapping into her years of experience to help change people’s lives and strives to continuously learn about fitness and nutrition and is currently working towards her Nutrition Certification.  She can talk your ear off about it, so beware!

"Creating and facilitating classes where people support each other and form their fitness squad is an amazing feeling.  Fitness doesn't have to mundane and boring - it should be fun, rewarding and challenge you to push yourself to be a little better and stronger each day."

She has two teenage daughters that she loves being around, and even as teens they still enjoy being around her (so they say).  But she’s sure it’s because she’s always playing super cool, loud spin music.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Her daughter introduced her to this quote years ago. Michelle loves it because often times people try to be what they think others want them to be and lose themselves in the process. It’s a reminder to be confident in who you are and you'll land exactly where you’re supposed to in this crazy thing we call life.