Growing up competing in beauty pageants then finding her way into the L.A. commercial market - Sydney understands how important it is to have your own expectations and to never compare. It’s Sydney’s mission to inspire you to unapologetically be you!

“You don’t know until you try”

She often finds herself with this quote on repeat. Most people don’t believe until they have proof. It’s the moments where you push it to the limit, do something you’re not use to, shock yourself & voila you’ve tapped into the superpower that is you.

Speaking of superpowers, Sydney has quite the obsession with sports. Fascinated by athlete capabilities to perform at such a high level, “athletes are magic” she says. If you’ve entered Flo Yoga & Cycle , you are an athlete with your very own superpowers.

P.S. Do NOT bring up anything Ravens Football related unless you have LOTS of time to kill. You’ve been warned.