Whitney is passionate about life!  She lives everyday doing the things she loves and spending time with the people she loves. Whether it's camping, hiking or watching her daughter play outside, Whitney feels a connection with the Earth whenever she’s outdoors.

Whitney is full of surprises, and her Instagram handle infamouszmbkllr (infamous zombie killer) kinda says it all.  A closet gamer, Star Wars junkie, and a tremendously talented photographer...now how often do you find a combo like that?  Whitney excels at capturing nature in a lens, but she’s not too shabby at portraits either - she took all the FLO Emcee shots that you see on this page!

When it comes to music, Florence and the Machine and Michael Jackson are two of Whitney's faves.

“Florence Welch is one of the most empowering and talented female artists. I once saw her play an entire concert barefoot and she sounded more magical than I could ever begin to describe. As for Michael Jackson - who doesn't love the King of Pop? Anytime ANY of his songs come on, I can't help but move to the beat.”