"First you feel like dying.  Then you feel reborn." - Unknown


Want to have your cake and eat it too?  We love cake and we don't judge, so come take a fusion class with us.  And then let's eat cake together. 

FLO Fusion combines cycling and yoga into one powerful class.  Put simply: if FLO Fusion was on Tinder, you'd swipe right every time.



The best of both worlds in one killer workout! Fusion Core combines 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of yoga into one full body workout. Test your limits with a high intensity ride followed by yoga focused on core strength and stability.


Turn off and tune in with FLO Fusion Restore. This yin-yang solution combines cycling and yoga into one incredible experience. Crush calories and get your heart pumping with a 30 minute high energy ride, and then move to the warm yoga room for 30 minutes of deep stretching to relax your muscles and nourish your joints.



Why FLO Fusion?  Why not!  There are so many reasons, but our top three are:

  1. Muscles get bored too.   Especially when they always know what to expect in the same ol' workout.  Mix it up a bit and surprise your muscles with a little FLO fusion.  
  2. Cyclists often don't spend enough time stretching.  Yes.  We're talking to you.
  3. Yoga is a hellova workout, but a little cardio never hurt nobody.

Get Your Ass to Class.