Originally from St. Louis, Eddie played professional football in the Canadian Football League (CFL) for 15 years, capping his outstanding CFL career as a Canadian Football Hall of Fame inductee in 2015.  Eddie retired from the CFL in 2010 and began a new career in Oil & Gas sales in Calgary, Canada.  Eddie met Debbie, a Calgary native, in 1997 while playing for the Calgary Stampeders.  Debbie was a business consultant specializing in business analysis and change management. 

Depending on who you talk to, you'll get a different answer on who pursued whom, but fast forward to 2017, add a marriage and two kids, and the Davis' have now embarked on a whole new journey together.

Where it all began...

FLO Yoga & Cycle has been two years in the making.  The vision for the studio is anchored in music, movement and community, but it also pays homage to what brought the Davis' to this place in their lives.  Eddie and Debbie have embraced yoga and cycling for very different reasons.  For Debbie, it was the suggestion of her good friend Kendra, that got her going to yoga and cycling classes.  Both activities were immediately addictive.  "I felt like I had forgotten who 'Debbie' was.  It sounds melodramatic, but I got so caught up in being a mother, wife, business woman, daughter, sister...I actually didn't have any time left to be me!" says Debbie.  

Eddie has always been physically fit, but it took persuasion from Debbie for him to try yoga and cycling.  As a beat-up athlete, he found tremendous benefit in practicing yoga.  The strength, endurance, and mental grit was surprising to him and he often wondered why more men weren't in the classes.  Similarly, cycling offered the intense cardio workout, without as much impact on his joints.

Music, movement, and community became the foundation of FLO.  A belief that at our core, we all want to be our best selves...sometimes we just need a little help getting there.