"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." - Muhammad Ali


At FLO, one of our core values is giving back to the community.  Every quarter FLO will partner with a member-voted charity, offering 1 class at half price. 

100% of the proceeds from these classes will go directly to the charity for that quarter.


FLO it Forward Yoga

Yoga with a charitable twist. An all levels, half-price class for a good cause.

FLO it forward cycle

Pedal with a purpose. Push a whole lotta good energy into the world and watch it get put to good use.

WHY FLO it Forward?


FLO it Forward classes are the perfect way to make the world a better place while doing something you love!  Every Tuesday night FLO it Forward classes are half price!  Get a workout and make a difference.


Get Your Ass to Class.